Historic 1st Meeting

A ground breaking dinner cum meeting took place on 18 Oct 2010 to discuss the possibility of forming an association for the catering industry in Singapore. A total of 20 individuals representing 16 catering companies were present . The meeting was held at Peach Garden Restaurant @ Miramar Hotel.

2nd Meeting & Election of President

A second meeting comprising Directors & Senior Executives from the catering industry took place on 16th Dec 2010 @ Park Royal Hotel. A total of 36 individuals representing 25 catering companies were present.

Two candidates stood for election to the office of President, Mr Tony Seow- CEO & Founder of Purple Sage and Mr James Wong, the former MD of ISS-CDCS Catering Services. Through a balloting exercise, Mr James Wong was elected President to form the association. A pro-tem committee consisting of 14 professionals from the catering industry was also formed.

5th Jan 2011 - Constitution

The President of the newly formed association, Mr James Wong, called for a meeting of the committee members to deliberate on the specifics of the constitution . The meeting was co-ordinated by Aggresive Media and sponsored by Mr Neo Kah Kiat of Neo Group. It was held at Mac's Cafe along Mcpherson Rd. All the committee members were present. Besides the constitution, members also deliberated on the following:
  1. Deliberate on the constitution for the association
  2. Appointment of roles & functions for committee members
  3. Selection of an appropriate name for the association
  4. Type of memberships and fees
  5. Secretariat office
  6. Meeting with NEA
  7. Any other business (AOB)
  8. Set a date for next meeting of management committee

17th Jan 2011

ACAPS had a diaglogue with NEA on the following :

  1. Time-stamping in Mar 2011
  2. HACCP or other accreditation schemes for the food catering processes
  3. Categorising caterers by the size of orders they can handle in a day.

30th March 2011

Committee members met to discuss on the new time stamping regulations by NEA

9th May 2011

Six committee members of ACAPS met with NEA on 9th May to present their 4 point response to NEA's new ruling on time-stamping. The 4 points are as follows:

  1. ACAPS accepts that the 4 hour period is fair
  2. NEA should support caterers to implement time stamping in terms of financing or other ways. This is because time stamping will affect caterers through additional manpower and costs.
  3. Time stamping should involve all participants in the F&B sector and not only the catering industry
  4. Educating consumers island-wide is crucial. What has NEA done to achieve this / how does it intend to achieve this?

NEA also touched on the following subject with ACAPS:

  1. Entry barrier to the catering industry - minimum kitchen size, layout and equipment
  2. Proposed training courses for food handlers and FHOs which would be relevant to the catering industry
  3. Definition of caterers

6th June 2011

ACAPS meet after it has been announced by the Secretariat the ROS has approved the forming of the association.

6th October 2011

ACAPS, in collaboration with SPRING and GUI Solutions, organised a talk on Oct 6th. The meeting was well attended by members, ordinary members as well as non members who are affiliated with the food & beverage industry, in particular the catering industry.

The consensus among the participants was that it was a good, well organised meeting touching on a vital, relevant, and important issue for the players in f&b industry.

Participants were first given an introduction by the current ACAPS President, Mr James Wong, followed by the 1st speaker, Mr Chin Chee Hwa on time stamping.

This is an important issue as NEA intends to make time compulsory mandatory by years end. Mr Chee Wah illustrated how time stamping can be carried out utilising CATEREX - a software developed by GUI Solutions.

29th May 2013

During the recent AGM in 29th May 2013, Mr Daniel Ang was voted as the new President of the Association of Catering Professionals Singapore, also known as ACAPS. Mr Ang will replace Mr James Wong, who was the President since the formation of ACAPS since 2011.

Apart from being a founding member of ACAPS, Mr Daniel Ang has also contributed to the association in his capacity as a committee member, as well as the Honorary Treasurer. He has also been a regular face at ACAPS meetings and activities. Mr Daniel Ang brings with him a wealth of experience and insight beneficial for ACAPS. Mr Daniel Ang will act as President for a period of two years. He will be assisted by Vice President, Mr Tony Seow.

As we look forward to Mr Daniel Ang's leadership, we also want to thank his predecessor Mr James Wong for his time, contribution and initiatives in nurturing the Association from its infant stage. Let us give a word of thanks to the committee and founding members for their support and input towards ACAPS. Caterers provide a vital service to Singapore and contribute to the economy substantially. We trust that ACAPS will continue to make the voice of the catering industry heard, and its needs met as it works towards transforming and raising the industry to a higher level of professionalism.

Management Team