Benefits for Consumers

Licensed Caterers
ACAPS only offers membership to caterers who are licensed with NEA.

Full Service Caterers
A number of ACAPS members are caterers who provide full service catering and have the ability to provide not only food & beverage, but proper equipment for events such as tentage, tables & chairs and other even essentials.

One of the membership criteria is that a caterer has to be in business for a minimum of 3 years. Hence consumers will be catering from experienced caterers.

Consumers who cater from an ACAPS member, can be assured that they have met the basic hygiene criteria required by the relevant authorities.
Also, ACAPS members are in constant dialogue with NEA and through these sessions, work with them to implement new regulations for food hygiene. One of these rulings is time stamping.

A member of ACAPS members are HACCP certified – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a management system in which food safety is addressed. It is the industry’s standard for food hygiene.

Benefits for Ordinary Members
Benefits for Associate Members
Benefits for Consumers