Benefits for Ordinary Members

Members will be kept informed of latest developments that affect the catering industry so as to make informed decisions.

Affiliation Advantage
Members can display their affiliation with ACAPS on all their collaterals, including chef’s attire. Affiliation with ACAPS which is the authoritative and representative platform for the catering industry will capture the attention of clients. They also foster an instant trust for the caterer.

ACAPS intends to participate in the annual career fair as well as work with culinary schools to create more awareness of the catering industry. The purpose is to ultimately attract job seekers & skilled graduates to join the catering industry.

Dialogue With Govt Bodies
Caterers will benefit from dialogues that ACAPS intends to pursue with govt bodies that play a role in the food & beverage industry such as NEA, AVA, MOH, SPRING, IE, WDA, MOM etc.

Trade Exhibitions & Shows
Caterers stand to benefit from the tie up between ACAPS and overseas trade exhibitions that serve the catering industry. One of the world’s largest and most respected exhibition for the catering industry is Catersource. The goal is to have a Singaporean or Asian equivalent exhibition & trade show for the catering industry in co-operation with Catersource and / or with other relevant industry players.

ACAPS intends to establish alliances with consultants that provide hygiene courses for food handlers to go beyond the basic hygiene requirements. The association is also exploring working with selected hygiene consultants who can provide discounts to members.
ACAPS has also established a 4 man task force to provide advice to members should they solicit for assistance when dealing with clients on hygiene issues.

Business Opportunities
ACAPS members will have a hyperlink and classified listing on If this site has a good ranking, it will provide direct business opportunities for members.

Green Initiatives
ACAPS encourages members to adopt green initiatives and to take measures to reduce their carbon footprints. ACAPS will work with selected vendors who can provide discounts to members who purchase environment friendly disposables.

Members can network with new suppliers and consultants who play a vital role in the catering industry as well as with fellow caterers through social activities & industry events.

Members will have access to full resources on

Be involved in the proposed Catering Award for members.

ACAPS members will be listed in online directories such as catering online.

Annual Dinner
Benefit from the annual dinner where captains of the industry, government bodies, food associations, culinary institutes, food supplies, hygiene consultants & the press gather for an annual dinner.

ACAPS intends to give back to society, particularly to the less fortunate segment of Singapore by supporting them through practical ways. This can be done by adopting them and raising funds for their cause through bursaries or sponsorship of meals.

Benefits for Ordinary Members
Benefits for Associate Members
Benefits for Consumers