"To continually create memorable catering experiences by inspiring the professional catering spirit amongst members."


Our mission statement is achieved through these six specific areas:

  1. To serve as a representative platform for organisations and persons in and/or connected to the catering industry in Singapore.
  2. To work towards achieving a recognised, professional and well-regarded catering industry.
  3. To monitor and, if necessary, address issues that are raised by policy makers that may affect and/or is relevant to the catering industry.
  4. To represent the members on matters relevant to the catering industry and to communicate with policy makers, the media, and/or other relevant bodies and/or the public to advance the objectives of ACAPS.
  5. To serve as a resource and knowledge sharing platform for,among other things, manpower, training and business development for the members.
  6. To foster and strengthen relations with, among others, the food and beverage-related associations and culinary institutes,locally and internationally.

In furtherance of the above objectives, ACAPS will strive to:

  1. Organise, among other things, informative events relevant to the catering industry.
  2. Invite reputable individuals of the industry, government bodies, food associations, culinary institutes, food suppliers, the press and associate members for networking events and any other relevant events.