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Our Purpose

To champion and advance the aspiration of our members.

Our Mission

To be the association of choice for caterers and partners to grow businesses by strengthening capabilities.

Enhance Industy Ensure Growth

Established in May 2011, the Association of Catering Professionals (ACAPS) emerged as a unifying voice for caterers and food suppliers within Singapore's dynamic food services industry. 

Driven by a shared vision, a dedicated group of caterers and suppliers came together to establish ACAPS. Initially serving as a liaison between catering businesses and governmental bodies, the association aimed to elevate the standards of professionalism among caterers across the nation. Over time, ACAPS has evolved into a vibrant hub, fostering networking opportunities, providing support, and celebrating the artistry of catering. 

Today, the catering landscape has transcended mere food provision to become an artful orchestration of dining experiences. Through collaboration and leveraging economies of scale, ACAPS empowers professional caterers to continually enhance our industry, ensuring its growth and resilience. 

Meet The Team

Advisory Board

Our advisory board plays a valuable role in providing external perspectives and expertise to help us navigate complex issues and achieve our goals.

Ms Low Yen Ling

Honorary Advisor
Senior Minister of State
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth

Mr Vincent Phang

President Advisor
Stakeholders and Communications
Tung Lok Group

Mr Gerard Quek

Legal Advisor
PDLegal LLC Associates & Solicitor

Mr Michael Tan

Productivity and Innovation Advisor
Industry Development & Capabilities Building,
Singapore Productivity Centre Pte Ltd

Mr Daniel Ang

Membership & Sponsorship Advisor
Membership AND Events & Sponsorships,
Continental Delight Catering Services Pte Ltd

Mr Patrick Chan | President

Patrick serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Kitchen Haus Group, a second-generation business owner who assumed leadership of Team Catering in 2011. Under his visionary stewardship, the company has experienced significant growth and diversification, expanding into patisserie, food manufacturing and Aquaponics urban farming.

Today, Kitchen Haus Group boasts a diverse portfolio of seven distinctive brands, each offering unique culinary concepts: Team Catering, Le Rainbow Catering, Levender Gourmet, Le Essen, Frux Earth, CS Kitchen and Sugared Bakes.

Patrick is also passionate about giving back to society, by inspiring the youths and aspiring F&B entrepreneurs through mentorship and workshops. This has benefited over 2000 recipients over the years.

Executive Committee

Our executive committee plays a crucial role in setting organizational goals, formulating policies, and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently to achieve objectives.

Mr Reuben Ang

Vice President
Membership and Events & Sponsorship,
Elsie’s Kitchen Catering Services Pte Ltd

Ms Bernadette Giam

Industry Development & Capabilities Building,
Creative Eateries Pte Ltd

Mr Kelvin Ng

Managing Director,
Foodtalks Caterer & Manufacturer

Mr Kuah Bing Cheng

Assistant Treasurer
Membership and Events & Sponsorship,
Chilli Api Catering Pte Ltd

Mr Kelvin Ng | Treasurer

Spending more than half of his work life in the Logistics and Oil and Gas sectors in China and the Middle East, Kelvin Ng, the Managing Director of Foodtalks Caterer & Manufacturer, made the decision to come home and take over the family business that started in 2004.

During these 5 years, under his leadership, he led the second-generation team to achieve more milestones for the company. From setting up a manufacturing kitchen, striving through the pandemic to pivoting part of the business to be skilled in cooked freeze products, serving some key customers in Singapore.

In 2023, he formed a Malaysian JV company in Kuala Lumpur to emulate the business model from Singapore to service the institutional catering sector. Despite venturing outside of Singapore, he has not forgotten his roots and has been very supportive of local produce, serving up quite a few events with local produce ever since the Farm-to-Table Initiative was launched.

Management Committee

Our Management Committee plays a crucial role in decision-making, policy formulation, and resource allocation.

Mr Alvin Lee

Membership and Events & Sponsorship
Kian Seng Culinary

Mr Jageer Singh

Stakeholders and Communications
Curry & Tandoor

Mr John Thang

Industry Development & Capabilities Building
Manna Pot Catering Pte Ltd

Ms Ophelia Ong

Stakeholders and Communications
Four Seasons Catering

Ms Pearlyn Tan

Stakeholders and Communications
Pines Food Delight Pte Ltd

Mr Yong Yi Sung

Industry Development & Capabilities Building
Grain & Atlas

Management Committee

Mr Gerald Tan

Membership and Events & Sponsorship

Management Committee

Ms Evan Tay

Membership and Events & Sponsorship
Sin Mui Heng

Mr Nicholas Ng

Industry Development & Capabilities Building
The Food Bank Singapore


Mr Thomas Chia

Senior Manager
Association Of Catering Professionals Singapore



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